Live Stream: Large Format Astrophotography Panorama Editing

In this 1.5 hour live stream session, I walk though two edits of a large format astrophotography panorama shot from Trona Pinnacles California. This recording was buried in the archives and forgotten about for a year before I found it again. I thought the content in here was too valuable to not share so here it is finally for those who missed the live stream.

If you’re interested in reading our tutorial for how to shoot these massive panoramas, check out our complete tutorial guide on how to shoot large format astrophotography. The video above shows you in real time exactly how I use PTGUI Pro to edit a huge panorama and the simpler Lightroom edits that I perform afterwards.

Even after a couple years of doing this technique, it’s still my absolute favorite method for improving image quality in astrophotography alongside exposure stacking.

Did you enjoy this live-stream format? If so, let us know if you’d like to see more in the future by leaving a comment here or on the YouTube video page.

Our Gear

This is the gear that I used to shoot the images show in the video.

Astrophotography Panorama Shooting:

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