Downloadable Adobe Lightroom Presets

Check out our current selection of presets for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom!

Film Speck Pro: Premium Lightroom Presets by Lonely Speck

Film Speck Pro: Premium Lightroom Presets for Astrophotography

Film Speck Pro features 17 core visual styles, with 138 unique sub-presets and adjustments designed specifically for fine-tuning your astrophotography image editing.


Film Speck One: Free Lightroom Presets

Film Speck One features a grab bag of 102 unique presets for astrophotography and daytime photography alike. Less refined than Film Speck Pro, our first preset pack is available for free.



The Quantum Collection: Free Lightroom Presets (Photon Collective)

The Quantum Collection features 16 visual styles with 96 unique sub-presets designed around landscape and portrait photography. As the first preset pack of our Photon Collective project, The Quantum Collection is available for free.