Lonely Speck at PhotoPills Camp 2019

We want to meet you! Want to spend a week in Spain with us, Ian Norman and Diana Southern, creators of Lonely Speck? We’ll be back as Masters for the amazing 7-day PhotoPills Camp 2019 from May 26 to June 2 in Menorca, Spain! We’ll eat amazing food, hike to beautiful locales, shoot epic landscape photos and stay up late shooting astrophotography together. Then we’ll do it again, day after day. Sound like fun?

We’re super excited to be Masters in the 2019 PhotoPills Camp along side some of our favorite photographers including: Albert DrosMichael ShainblumEric Paré & Kim Henry, Francesco Gola, Thomas Heaton, Daniel Kordan, Donal Boyd, Iurie Belegurschi, Marco Grassi, and Yuri Beletski.

PhotoPills Camp 2018 Masters

This is your chance to spend time with us and learn photography with all of these amazing photographers. We had a blast at the 2018 PhotoPills Camp and we’re super excited to be able to meet you this upcoming year.

PhotoPills makes the the world’s best photography planning app for iOS and Android. Their yearly camps are the most amazing opportunity to join some of the world’s best photographers on the beautiful island of Menorca, Spain. You can read about past camps and get all the details about the upcoming 2019 camp here. Already convinced you want to attend? Go straight to the Priority Access Application and try to fill it out before November 6, 2018. Those with priority access will get first word on pricing and first availability for tickets. Need some more convincing? Check out some highlights of past years camps in the video below:

What to Expect

As a participant, you’ll have the opportunity to shoot and hang out with all of the Masters and each day is completely different with unique presentations and varied shooting locations. Most days are spent with early morning sunrise shoots, midday learning sessions and post-processing workshops. As the evening approaches, we disperse to one of several amazing locations around the small island of Menorca to shoot sunset before a picnic dinner and then we wait until the stars come out for astrophotography shooting. Check out some of our highlights from 2018:

One of our favorite locations was Favaritx Lighthouse, an iconic seaside location with dark black rock formations and a beautiful lighthouse with a black-and-white turret. We brought a small part of the group right before sunset to work on long exposures and panoramas before the sun fully set.

We were lucky enough to work with Eric Paré and Kim Henry on some of our evening outings. So when the sun went down and blue hour set in, the light painting commenced. Shooting with Eric and Kim was one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had shooting at night. We loved the way they worked with the group, communicated ideas and sought suggestions from the participants and just made the whole start of the night so much fun.

As it got darker and darker at Favartix Lighthouse, we hoped desperately for a break in the clouds to shoot the Milky Way. After a while, our patience paid off and we found a couple hours when the clouds parted and the Milky Way arched high above the Lighthouse. We split up into several groups to shoot the stars, some working on single wide angle compositions, others on astrophotography panoramas, and a few more continued to light paint with Eric and Kim. 

Our favorite part of the whole experience was being able to work alongside and collaborate with other photography Masters. Every Master at the camp is dedicated to making sure that everyone is learning and having fun. As Masters, we barely got any pictures during the camp because most of our time was spend working with participants like you to make sure they were getting the best shots possible.

The diversity of work taught by all of the Masters, brought together in one locale, alongside the development team of the best photography planning app in the world, makes for a photography experience unlike any we’ve experienced. We worked with participants to shoot epic sunsets, beautiful landscapes, amazing light painting and crazy combinations of all of those things.

One of our favorite nights of shooting was a cold and windy evening at Cala Pregonda, a rocky seashore hike across flower covered sand dunes and open beach. At the final hours of shooting that night, a serendipitous opportunity occurred: the Milky Way rose into view at the edge of the nearby cliffs where we were shooting star trails. So with some brainstorming with the group, Eric and Kim set up for some last-minute light painting on the cliff. Meanwhile, Diana and I helped the group shoot Kim with the Milky Way as the backdrop for her beautiful dance poses as Eric spun and painted with his light tubes.

We’re not sure if our small collection of photos here will ever fully capture how amazing, motivational and downright fun the PhotoPills camp was. We made many new friends in both the Masters and the participants of the Camp, many of whom we’ve kept in contact with. We lived and breathed photography everyday during the week of PhotoPills Camp. We got almost no sleep, and we loved every minute of it. Won’t you come join us in 2019?

How to Attend PhotoPills Camp 2019

The PhotoPills Camp 2019 is an exclusive camp and workshop experience limited to 50 participants. The best way to attend is to apply to be on the PhotoPills Priority Access List. Just fill out the form there and you’ll be the first to be notified when bookings officially open.

[inbound_button font_size=”20″ color=”#fd4c03″ text_color=”#ffffff” icon=”” url=”https://www.photopills.com/camp#form” width=”” target=”_self”]Apply for Priority Access @ PhotoPills[/inbound_button]

Spots are expected to fill up extremely fast so the best way to secure one early is to get on that Priority Access List. Tickets are expected to sell out quickly once available. We’re super excited to be able to meet you, shoot photos and have a ton of fun at the PhotoPills Camp 2019.

Clear Skies,

Ian Norman and Diana Southern

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