Moon Shot: Building an Affordable Lunar Photography Kit

Moon Shot: Building an Affordable Lunar Photography Camera Rig

Shooting detailed photographs of the moon requires ultra-long telephoto reach. At only about 1/2 a degree in diameter in terms of field of view, the moon is a relatively small target that requires the use of some really long optics. In this guide, we outline the details of an ultra affordable lunar photography kit and why a typical full-frame or APS-C sensor digital camera might not be the best choice when trying to shoot the moon.

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Lonely Speck on the Pragmatic Podcast

Lonely Speck + Pragmatic

I just had a great time talking about all kinds of astrophotography topics with John Chidgey on the latest episode of the Pragmatic Podcast. In this nearly 2 hour episode, we discuss star trackers, near infrared h-alpha astrophotography, light pollution filters, focusing techniques and post-processing techniques like stacking. You can listen to The Pragmatic Podcast Episode 101 on The Engineered Network or click the play button below:

Listen to the Pragmatic Podcast Episode 101:

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