Lonely Speck Post-Processing Workshop: July 31, 2016

Coming to the 2016 Lonely Speck Meetup? Join Lonely Speck creator Ian Norman for a 2.5-hour session of astrophotography post-processing, group photo sharing, and Q&A.

Miss the workshop? It’s now available online.
Watch the 100 minute workshop video on YouTube.


On July 30th, 2016, we’re holding the first ever Lonely Speck Meetup at Trona Pinnacles, CA. With the expected (overwhelming) turnout, we wanted to put together a special session after the meetup where attendees can come together and process some astrophotos from the night before.

The Lonely Speck Astrophotography Post-Processing Workshop will be held at 9am on July 31, 2016 (the morning after the meetup) in the nearby town of Ridgecrest at the SpringHill Suites by Marriott. Tickets for the workshop are $50 per person.

Bring your laptop and follow along as Ian Norman holds a live presentation on the following techniques:

  • Astrophotography post-processing techniques in Adobe Lightroom
  • Advanced noise reduction with image stacking for astrophotography in Adobe Photoshop
  • Ultra-high resolution panorama stitching of a Milky Way landscape in Adobe Photoshop

You’ll connect with fellow astrophotography enthusiasts, share your best photos from the 2016 Lonely Speck Meetup, and wrap up the morning with the opportunity to ask Ian any questions you may have about astrophotography. For more information, and to buy tickets via Yapsody, click the button below.

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