What’s In My Camera Bag: Trona Pinnacles

In this video post, I talk about the gear I decided to bring on a short overnight trip to Trona Pinnacles, California. Trona Pinnacles is arguably my favorite place to shoot astrophotos and it’s where we’ll be for the first-ever Lonely Speck Meetup. Let’s take a look at a pretty typical kit that I use for astrophotography.

Featured in the video:


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Thanks so much for being a part of our astrophotography adventure.


16 Replies to “What’s In My Camera Bag: Trona Pinnacles”

  1. Hey Ian,
    How did you like the 21mm f/1.8 ?
    I have that lens but I find that it has some distortion on my A7Rm2.
    I am considering replacing it with a Zeiss Loxia 21mm or Batis 18mm. What do you think?

  2. Hello Ian, just wanted to say that I found your video very informative. I have less than a handful of astro photography outings under my belt so obviously I have a lot to learn and your video certainly helped to that end. Keep up the great work and clear skies!

  3. Hi Ian,

    good work with the website and thanks for the tip. I was wondering if you have found a way to use the in-camera remote control app to use Manual Focus. While in AF the app can focus on whatever you touch on the screen of your phone, once you switch to MF it just stops working (at least on the a6000).
    If we could could use MF from the app (e.g. with a slider) in combination with magnified focus, it would be a killer app… software and hardware already have what they need. Please Sony!! 🙂

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